Monday, January 22, 2007

Computer Cooling Mod

Finally fixed the massive overheating issue on my main computer, I hope. I took a small high speed fan and added it to the side. Some things to note: First I had no easy way to cut a hole, or series of even small holes and ended up using a large circular drill bit with teeth(Like the router bits for making wheels). The case was insanely thick and had a layer of thin sheet metal, what looked like graphite in the middle, and an aluminum coating on the outside. Very tough to get through, but thankfully I have a really powerful drill. Secondly I had no room in the case, so had to make room by using a dremel to cut off part of what holds the drives. Below is a picture of the uncut side followed by the cut side:

Here's the drilled holes, I added the second smaller hole for the potentiometer on the fan, which I borke trying to put it in the case :( I think I will add a nice one with a knob when I feel up to scrounging for parts and opening my computer again.

One final irritation, was I didn't want to mess with trying to put in screws to hold the fan(I decided for several reasons to put the grill on the inside too), so I ended up screwing fencing wire into the fan itself and then securing the wire with good old fashioned duct tape, I forgot to take a picture unfortunately. Here's a couple pics of the finished product, no noticable heat problems yet.

Also note to self: I had to after playing around with it reset the FSB speed, and of course my dumbass self set it wrong and had bizarre errors since the memory and bus from the processor were going at different speeds ;-D

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