Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Old Bunny Cage

I realized I never did document the original cage I made, so here it is. The construction was done with simply a hammer and pair of pliers. The materials were rabbit fencing, thumbscrews to act as pegs, eye-screws, chicken staples, and an 4'x2' piece of oak. Here is a picture of it completed:

With hindsight I realize there are several flaws...the major one is rabbits don't like hardwood, so we eventually had to put down a blanket. Also buying really nice wood was pointless since it pretty much got ruined from the water bottle dripping and urine before the rabbit was trained. Another thing is that it has no runners, so all manner of rabbit waste and hay get kicked out. Here it is a lot later with an old shower curtain under it, some toys, and a pillow(Hay stuffed) and blanket my wife made: