Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Writing to video memory

Jay and I were having a discussion about directly writing to video memory. Being the adventurous type I ordained to try it. The device I had to use to accomplish anything was /dev/fb0current. The first picture is simply /dev/mem > /dev/fb0current. The second one is from writing the video memory to a file and then rewriting it back after moving around windows...it pretty much restored the state it was in including the AIM conversation. The third one is of something weird I found...I loaded a picture during one of these runs and found that it was permanently screwed up...even after restoring everything(By going to a VT and back to X), and refreshing the image it stayed the same, no clue why. The last one was simply switching to a vt and issuing sleep 3; cat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb0current; DISPLAY="0:0" ksnapshot and then switching to X(Rather bland but I put up anyway). All this was done in a Knoppix live CD. As always click pictures for higher res photos:

Edit: Jay pointed out to me that the last picture is gigantic(~2MB) compared to the other files (~0.2MB). This is due to the fact that since the data is random there is no way to compress it down, so every single pixel has to be accounted for.

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