Tuesday, March 06, 2007

XMMS in Gentoo

The Gentoo maintainers in media-snd decided to hard mask *everything*(Including plugins etc) for XMMS recently. Well, since I like XMMS and it's the only thing that handles the plugins I like, I spent a little while getting it working. I didn't really want to do make install just to keep it from screwing with anything, but for now this works just fine:

1) Go here and download both gtk1.2.10 and glib.1.2.10 tarballs
2) Untar the packages and cd into the new glib directory
3) run ./configure for glib
4) Fire up your favorite text editor(vi of course ;) and open up gstrfuncs.c
5) Find every instance of g_warning and add a comma(,) after every instance of G_GNUC_PRETTY_FUNCTION
....so for example you will have: g_warning (G_GNUC_PRETTY_FUNCTION ,
6) There should be 4 of these in total
7) Now run make, and if that goes well make install
8) Now set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/local/lib
9) Now run the ldconfig command
10) Go out of the glib directory and over to the gtk directory
12) Run ./configure for gtk
13) Now do a make, and make install
14) Finally grab the xmms tarball here
15) Untar it and cd into the directory
16) Run ./configure
17) Open up your editor and goto General/ir/ir.h
18) Comment out the lines for extern of pthread_t and gboolean(Line 52 and 53 in my version)
....//extern pthread_t irapp_thread
....//extern gboolean keepGoing
19) And finally run make and make install

For me none of these steps were superfluous, even the final make install. Eventually I want to make a tarball for my own future use that will take care of this automatically as well as do something like isolating these(gtk1.2, glib1.2, xmms) to their own space in opt automatically(Which IMO seems like what the Gentoo maintainers should have done).

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