Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bunny Pen :(

Unfortunately I've decided to completely scrap the bunny pen. Several reasons for this:
  1. We would never lock her in, since she is fully trained and accustomed to having run of the apartment (Edit: We've taken to locking her up at night, and I've made a crude but much more functional pen for this purpose)
  2. The thing would be huge and use up even more space than her designated area already uses
  3. The main reason is the wood is shit. It's bowed and bent, and when trying to make frames this doesn't go well at all :( I've learned not to buy cheap wood, unless you plan to plane it yourself.


Also another woodworking blow this week: IKEA!! I was thinking about making some very simplistic furniture to replace some of our old stuff, and then looked at IKEA for ideas. It seems nuts to spend $30 on wood to make a simple shelf when something like this exists. Or chairs like this. The thing is $100 may seem like you could make it cheaper(And hell you could probably find one for $20 at walmart), until you consider all of IKEAs wooden furniture is made with solid pine, as opposed to garbage like particle board. So even for a simple chair like that you can figure probably $35 for wood, $30 for batting and foam, and $25 for fabric if you made it yourself. So you may save $10, but would probably go over from screw ups and just the hardware needed. Some of their stuff isn't as god-awful cheap(sofas mainly), but they are still very competitive to building it yourself. More elaborate furniture would be much better to make yourself, but since I live in an apartment I can't really use the big power tools that would be needed.

Right now I'm just working on making some sawhorses and such for my workshop using the crappy wood, since who cares how that looks as long as it works. After that I'm not really sure, I may work on a couple of my electronics projects.

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