Saturday, July 28, 2007

ROTN Development Setup

So right now I'm working on setting up my local environment to be very similar to my work environment. So far I've got up a code repository at sourceforge and can use CVS(I've only got up the algorithm for encoding and decoding written in C++ up for now). After the environment is set up my next task is deconstructing Phex, to see what is reusable and make an API for it. I think the first real release will more or less be Phex with a Web GUI and that is easily cross platform and when you receive an incoming file it obfuscates it and shares that on normal Gnutella networks.

Just a note to myself what else is needed to finish my dev setup:
  • Regression testing scripts
  • Aliasing my environment to have the same commands as work
  • Setting up different baselines to work in
Also I have a silly little program I wrote that I will post later that shares a joystick over a network. I originally made it so my wife and I could play games together on her new computer, which only has one USB plugin(Now we are just using the netplay feature of ZSNES). But I think it could also be handy for something like controlling playing DVDs or Games remotely if you have a computer acting as a media center.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


It's not eggactly(The puns will stop over my dead body!!!) finished yet, I'll work on it more this weekend. I wish I had a jumbo sized one. (Note the red hue is artificial but close to how it looks, the flash on my camera completely rapes the glow of the egg).

(Edit: More info)
Basically what I was originally trying to do was have an egg flash while the alarm went off. My plan was to just hook it up to sync with the beep by splicing off the wires to the clock's speakers. This didn't work as is since the voltage coming out was too small, so I tried using transistors(I have no clue what type. I plugged some in till I got the desired behavior), which worked but was too dim. I ended up chaining the transistors together and came up with something extremely sensitive. So sensitive that just approaching it would set it off. So then I decided screw the alarm clock I'll just have it glow brighter the closer someone gets. Below is the very basic circuit I used, note I don't know if I have the transistors properly done in it(ECB and all that), but it gets the point across:

Well the weird thing is if the light source is inside the egg it stops working completely, which I don't know hardly anything about EM fields or whatever is involved to even hazard a guess as to why this is. The original picture is just an antenna in one egg and the light in another, which worked as expected(Getting near the unlit egg lit the other one).

Right now I have no clue what I'm doing with it, I'm trying to use spare parts I have to make an egg do something interesting, but I'm missing a lot of essential stuff(Timers, op-amps, etc). One thought was maybe make an EMI sensor, where the egg glows brighter the more there is....I'll just have to see if I can find another handfull of transistors to get it that sensitive.