Saturday, July 28, 2007

ROTN Development Setup

So right now I'm working on setting up my local environment to be very similar to my work environment. So far I've got up a code repository at sourceforge and can use CVS(I've only got up the algorithm for encoding and decoding written in C++ up for now). After the environment is set up my next task is deconstructing Phex, to see what is reusable and make an API for it. I think the first real release will more or less be Phex with a Web GUI and that is easily cross platform and when you receive an incoming file it obfuscates it and shares that on normal Gnutella networks.

Just a note to myself what else is needed to finish my dev setup:
  • Regression testing scripts
  • Aliasing my environment to have the same commands as work
  • Setting up different baselines to work in
Also I have a silly little program I wrote that I will post later that shares a joystick over a network. I originally made it so my wife and I could play games together on her new computer, which only has one USB plugin(Now we are just using the netplay feature of ZSNES). But I think it could also be handy for something like controlling playing DVDs or Games remotely if you have a computer acting as a media center.

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