Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mandelbrot Programs

Some old programs I wrote back in college I wanted to post so I wouldn't lose them. They are the result of a full day of tinkering with the mandelbrot set in bizarre ways. There are three programs in the order they were written. The only really dependencies are the math C libraries, X11 windowing system, and /dev/audio is writable. *snip--nm*

mandelWTF -- Randomly changes the mandelbrot set and outputs sound based on the images...don't ask ;)
mandelSound -- Slowly permutes the the mandelbrot set and then generates sound from the inside out

mandelUpdate -- Uses the escape time as a weight, and then updates surrounding 'nodes' based on the new weight.

All source code can be found here. Run make run to see them in action. And for some reason I can't get mandelWTF to work outside of a script, it segfaults....which is just weird.

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