Monday, December 31, 2007

Homemade motor -- Part 1

While at my parents for XMas, I made a trip to the local Rat Shack. The one in their town was going away, and had 20% off everything. I ended up with some magnet wire(Since it's hard to buy small quantities online), helping hands/soldering stand combo, some POTS, and desoldering braid. I've always wanted to try to make some motors, and wanted to start with something simple. I decided to follow the instructions found here for the 10 minute motor.

The 10 minutes part is crap, it took over half an hour for me to do it, even though I think it's geared more towards kids :( The main problem I had was the insulation scraping and it took me forever to debug. The issue was that I scraped off only the top, but it really needs to be 50% of it, like the picture on the site shows. I used an LED to figure out that is was rarely hitting and generating an EM field. Also the entire thing is a balancing act till it's set up. My motor kept sliding or sagging in the middle, but I eventually got it pretty sturdy using a breadboard to 'mount' it. This is more an issue with me sucking at fine motor skills than anything else.

Pics and a video:

Now I've got to think of something more complicated to make for part 2, I was thinking maybe a buzzer or something similar, but we'll see.

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