Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Allelectronics Order

The rest of my ECE parts came from allelectronics today. Packaged just fine, no problems with anything I've tested. I got mainly LEDs, motors, connectors, and magnets. The only thing I guess I forgot to get was a lock switch...ohh well no biggie. The magnets are ridiculously strong, they can hold together through my hand, and I've taken to flipping them across the room towards the fridge. The super cap is cool, I made a quick circuit from my piezo tester from yesterday that will keep making irritating noises for about 5 minutes after the power is cut ;) The motors I got for my electric car have really tiny places to connect to...I have no clue how I will attach wheels, probably just use some epoxy and drill holes in a couple pennies.

Picture of all the new parts in my workshop:

Here's one of the solenoids hooked up. I just used four 9Vs to get enough power(Way over the 24V it's rated at), and hooked it to a little momentary switch. Will be kind of hard to make into a lock with how it works(Needs to be in a tad to start, but there is a place to mount an ending point), which I will overcome when I get to that project. Note that later I hooked the 9Vs up properly(In series not parallel) and was to the point that the switch would sizzle and produce visible sparks when pressed :-D Also the solenoid gets hot with repeated usage, regardless of voltage, which I already knew would happen with these(They were only $1 a piece):

Here's a video of me shooting it by releasing the momentary switch. I accidently put a small dent in my wall the first time I did this by accident:

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