Sunday, January 13, 2008

General Project Info

I've decided that for larger projects I will start breaking them up into logical sections, then writing an overview and linking to the other sections from it. So for example on the solenoid lock it will be how the electronics were done, how the physical construction was done, followed by an overview of what it is and how it runs.

Right now I'm very close to the electronics being done for the solenoid lock. I have a bug in my code that makes it so an incorrect input has to be given before you can put in the password. Also the top light of my seven segment display died completely, I've decided to make my own jumbo sized 7 segment display with foam, which is close to being done already(Need to solder in and hot glue the actual lights).

I spent several hours Saturday trying to figure out how to use the NPN transistors correctly to power the relay. Turns out it had to be between the ground and not the power source, go figure.

I hope to get it completely done next weekend, but right now I think we're going to downtown DC on Saturday so I may not have enough time.

Picture of it on the breadboard, with really sloppy wiring:

Video of it running with the broken light, so it's kind of hard to tell what the numbers are. The test code is 1B50. Also apologies for the Happy playing, I forgot to turn it off and didn't feel like making another video:

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