Sunday, January 20, 2008

Solenoid lock -- Still not done

I was held up this weekend because we went to downtown D.C. on Saturday(Mainly to see the Colbert portrait). But did spend the majority of Sunday working on it. I had to redo the main control box since my homemade seven segment ended up looking like crap. I used a dual seven segment I had laying around, but it caused another issue: it draws more current and thus the relay doesn't have enough power to switch :( Right now I just added a 9V battery to the circuit to give it the extra juice, I will see if I have a better transformer laying around later.

Right now the control box is done, with all the parts soldered, hot glued, and epoxied in place. It turned out pretty crappy looks wise, but I wasn't expecting too much since it's made from junk lying around my workshop(A pen box to be exact), I may get a wild hair and spray paint it one solid color so it can't be seen through, but probably not:

Here's a better video of the circuit working than last time, basically I'm adjusting the trim-pot to display the hex-numbers, waiting till the input is accepted, then when the code(1B50) is complete the solenoid opens up(The C changes to O as well), when the user goes away from zero it closes and they can open it one more time by going back to zero before having to reinput the code(So the door can be closed):

What I have left to do:
* Solder up the microchip itself with a DB9 connector. I plan to hook up all the wires directly to the pins on the chip and then hot glue the entire mess to a piece of wood.
* Fix the logic bug in the microchip code, since I still haven't debugged the issue where an incorrect input is needed beforehand. I'm waiting till I solder the trim pot on, since it is loose and may be causing it's own problems.
* Mount all the components to the door, this includes: The solenoid, the metal the solenoid locks into, the microchip, the trim-pot, and running the wires.
* See if I have a power supply with enough power to run the relay and display

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