Monday, January 28, 2008

Solenoid Update

Just a quick update, I finished the solenoid lock...pretty much. It still has a logic error in the code I haven't yet fixed, which is even more pathetic given the fact that I'm a programmer by trade. I also want to bind up the wires a little better. It's a tad ugly, due to short sighted planning, but who cares, it's functional. I also made a much simpler version for testing midway through. I plan to put up details to it as well, since it's much more practical to make.

I'm moving my *sigh* Windows computer up there tomorrow so I can reprogram the chip. I'm getting a wireless PCI card so I can just leave it there.

Also I'm working on finishing up the little bit of wood-working for my workshop. The main part is Frankenbench(A simple sawhorse style bench I made that I've been slowly 'augmenting'), which I still need to:
  • Attach 2 more legs ( There will be 8 total ;)
  • Modify those new legs to hold more tools
  • Modify the underside to hold books better
  • Round the edges where I sit
  • Add some cushioning.
Hopefully by this weekend I can be done with both finishing my work area, and the solenoid lock writeup and can move on to my next project.

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