Saturday, February 02, 2008


Finally finished up my Frankenbench, which took several weeks since I kind of just nailed on parts when I was bored. Basically a while back I put together a work desk(Which I'll put up when it's all done), but I didn't buy anything to sit on. Looking through my scraps of junk furring wood(From the failed rabbit pen, since they aren't straight at all), I decided to try to make a bench to sit on.

First I made a simple sawhorse design like this:

But it was uncomfortable due to the wood on top, and was like a teeter totter if you sat right on either edge since the legs are in the middle(They really are on upside down). So since it looked like crap anyway I decided to add more legs to make it sturdier and add some more ledges underneath to hold parts. Then I decided that those extra legs might as well hold some parts and drilled holes and added nails. Afterwards it looked like this:

Next I spray painted it black and then had my wife help me upholster(We screwed up a bit on one side with all the pliers). Some pics of the finished product:

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