Friday, March 21, 2008

Ricky Retardo -- Basic Robot Undercarriage

Old version of Ricky.  Named Ricky Retardo, since he just went around bashing into walls. Click on the robot tag at the side to see his incredibly over-engineered replacement.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Galvanic Etching Test

More about it on my blog on devrand.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

General Update

Another couple of busy weeks that have been hindering my project progress. Finally got a video of Blinkenlight up though. I've mainly been working on building a small autonomous robot. I was able to get the following parts going:
  • H-bridge based DC motor driver
  • Rechargeable power supply
  • Basic microcontroller setup
  • A chassis from an old lamp with a custom done under carriage made from a PSU's ventilation gratings for attaching parts.
I also made a wheel with a hole saw, and a coupler out of an oak dowel rod, but this seems to be where I'm currently stuck. Hooking it up to the motor works fine, and it gets tons of speed, enough that if I put it on loosely it will actually get lift(The rotation is a tad uneven) and go flying off. But if I put that on the ground it won't budge an inch. My current guess is I need some sort of gearing to gradually step up the torque, but this is still a total guess.

My current ideas are(From most reasonable to less reasonable):
  • Buy a cheapy RC car from Wally World or some other bargain store and grab it's wheel assembly(Just kinda seems like cheating to me)
  • Try to use a belt system to drive it. (Seems like it would quickly get too big for the chassis)
  • Get a mill and try to machine a solution myself. (Mills are expensive and even if I had one it would take forever to be good enough to make anything useful if I didn't CNC it).