Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trackmate Software With PS3 Eye and Processing on Windows

Guide to configuring trackmate on Windows using the PS3Eye


A very quick tutorial for the entire round trip of setting up the PS3Eye getting the Trackmate Tracker working and using it with Processing. It's mainly a collection of links to avoid googling everything :p


  • Java Runtime Environment -- Install the latest JRE, it is needed for running standalone Processing apps

  • PS3Eye Driver -- Install the software. You have to scroll way down on the page to find the link.

  • Trackmate Tracker and Tagger -- Download both and unpack them. No installation required, but it is handy to make shortcuts to the executables.

  • Processing -- Download and extract. Again, no installation needed.

  • LusidOSC -- Download the simulator and Processing bundle. Just extract the files, no need to install anything.

Setting Up

  • Start up Processing. You can immediately close it, but you need to verify it works and let it register filetype handles.

  • Open up the LusidOSC simulator, and then open any of the PDE files provided by the LusidOSC bundle. You should be able to move the pieces in the simulator and have them work with the sample applications. Close the simulator when you're ready to proceed.

  • Go into a DOS prompt (Start Menu->run, type cmd and hit enter) and then navigate to where the PS3Eye test application was installed (For me it's: cd C:\"Program Files"\AlexP) Run the following command: regsvr32 PS3Eye.ax

  • Open up Trackmate Tracker and verify that you can see video (Assuming the PS3 eye is connected). Try hitting s if you have multiple cameras and it's not working, or v to change views.

  • To setup the Tracker follow the guide

  • Now toggle the view(Press v) till it says it's in "Fast Mode", and rerun one of the sample apps in the LusidOSC Processing bundle. And you're done.


This was easy, but took me a while to figure out where to download everything (Especially the PS3Eye stuff :p). The hardware has been much more of a pain, and I will include a write-up of it when I get it working 100%.


budda@budda.ch said...

hi gavin,

thanks for this excellent summary of how to set up things.
i can't get the tracker to read from my ps3 eye. amcap and the alexp driver test app work fine, but tracker does not find the camera.

what exact version of the tracker and alexp driver did you use? would you mind uploading or sending me the alexp driver that works for you so i can try that one?

dbu said...

i stumbled over the download archive of alexp and the old driver version worked for me (win xp): http://codelaboratories.com/downloads/archive

cron12 said...

hallo, once you have the tracker up and running, are you experienced with actually coding applications in processing? because i want to be able to use one of the objects on the trackmate system to control a ball in Processing to bounce another ball around the application window

any idea how i would go about this?

Unknown said...


If you look at Processing under the file menu there is an examples section. Under Topics->Motion there is CircleCollision example it should help you get started. If you just hook up the x,y positioning of one ball to LusidOSC you should have the basic functionality you are asking for.

Anonymous said...