Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rabbit Cages

Cages for keeping a pet rabbit. One for general housing and a smaller one for travel.


These are 2 cages I built using mainly rabbit fencing (available at most big home improvement stores) and wood. The turned out decent, and were very cheap to make (~$30 each), but after some experience I think there are better ways to house a rabbit.

Original Cage Pictures

Original large cage without much furnishings    Original large cage fully furnished

Travel Cage Pictures:

Travel cage with runners, the rabbit is sizing it up in the background   Door to the travel cage, we'd just cable tie it on when needed   Travel cage with the rabbit inside


Original Cage:
  • Rabbits usually hate being on hardwood (They can't get good traction), and she would move around blankets we would set in the cage. The second cage we nailed in some carpeting, which worked out well
  • Rabbits are messy and will throw stuff out of the cage. Adding wooden runners, as in the travel cage, helped to prevent this.
  • Rabbits need a lot more space to run around and overhead space to jump and play. We have since switched to a large pen, which seems to be working out.
Travel Cage:
  • Our rabbit would get scared seeing a whole bunch of new things without being able to run or effectively hide. We ended up always throwing a blanket over the cage when using it. Now we use a small cloth carrier that seems to keep her alot more calm during trips.
  • Also after the first trip the rabbit was scared to go in the cage, so it was no longer a good place for her to lay during the day.



Although nothing technically wrong with the build of the cages, experience has taught me it's not the best way to house or move rabbits. A large play pen, and a small animal carrier have worked out much better.

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