Friday, November 16, 2012

SDL Euclid Orchard

Simple SDL maze game, written in Haskell, based on Euclid's orchard


Generates Euclid's Orchard as an image with randomly added walls to make it somewhat maze like. It also creates a 'playable' maze using SDL bindings (Screenshots below). It does some stupidly simple file obfuscation to prevent seeing any data (movies, images, mp3s) outside of the game.


The end 'game' was not really intended for enjoyment, only programming practice. It was made with whatever audio I had around and images I could make in GIMP in 5 minutes. It was meant to give me a feel for SDL programming in Haskell (Mostly ripped from snkkid).





Source Code



I couldn't get the smpeg library to work at all. It could be my lack of understanding, or it could be really fickle with formats. So right now I have a wrapper script for the ending. I have something in mind for the distant future, and this is the first baby step to completing it.      

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