Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hypernova Engine

Basic engine for a sound reactive asteroids game.


HyperNova is shaping up to be an exploration based Asteroids game that has visuals that sync to arbitrary music. A while back Chris made a neat little asteroids engine utilizing Java2D. It had all the basic physics, rendering, and object manipulation in place. I went and wrapped the Minim library to work independent of Processing, and added some audio processing stuff of my own (The most complicated being cross-fading between tracks). So now I have an asteroids engine capable of doing analysis of music signals and playing mp3s. I've also been adding a lot of other random features to the engine such as: saving the game, multiple universes, mini-map compass, and exclusive fullscreen


Please note I'm still in the debugging phase and this is not representative of actual gameplay:


I'm already enjoying playing the few debug scenarios much more than another music-based asteroids game that will go unnamed. So far I haven't really lost steam on the project, although it's larger scale than what I usually do. I can't wait to finish up the core engine enough that I can start actually making the gameplay itself. I think my next post will be when I finish the wormholes completely, since they use a 'cute' bit of actual math.

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