Monday, January 21, 2013

Quilting Stand

An adjustable stand with a fabric hoop to facilitate embroidery and quilting.


Quilting and embroidery (Two of my wife's hobbies) often require putting the fabric on clamping hoops in order to maintain a smooth surface. It must be lifted up to pull the needle underneath, and this can be tiring when working on larger projects or doing extended work. There exist stands specifically for this issue, but they are usually pretty pricey($40 is cheap, most run around $100). The one below was built with roughly $10 worth of parts, and took only a couple of evenings to complete.




Turned out well and went very smooth making it. I left it unstained to avoid potentially discoloring the fabric. The main issue I had was getting the hoop to fit properly, I just used a sander till it was pretty close. Also I would like to replace the wing-nuts with threaded knobs one day if I can ever find them in a store.

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