Monday, January 21, 2013

Router Table Extension

A table saw router table extension with accompanying split fence.


A table saw extension that uses the existing rip fence and guides. It allows the router to be mounted underneath, and has a split fence so the router bits can be partially exposed.

Parts and Tools

  • Table saw
  • Router with straight bit
  • Incra T-Rule, for properly placing the hex nuts
  • Random orbital sander
  • Drill
  • Hex bolts and associated nuts, these matched the square nuts that came with my table saw that the fence's guide slid onto.
  • Random thinner bolts and nuts to attach the router base to the table
  • MDF
  • Very straight pine boards, 3.5" wide by about 1/2" thick
  • Pine timbers


  • Cut a piece of MDF to the desired size(distance between fence guides, and then slightly longer than the guides). Drilled a smaller hole in it, and widened it with the router. Also made 2 small holes for attaching the router's fixed base.
  • Attached two more pieces of MDF to the sides, and drilled holes for the hex nuts(Not pictured). This was by far the hardest part, since the hex nuts had to be placed perfectly to get everything level and even with the table saw, while still going into the fence guides. It took me several tries even with the t-rule:

  • Cut some legs from the timbers, to keep pressure off the fence guides, as well as reinforced underside with the leg scraps:

  • Finally sanded the top completely flush with the table saw's top. It was off by a hair(Not enough to stop the fence, but it would make noise when crossing the table saw/router table boundary) even after all the measuring I had done.
  • The split fence was incredibly straight forward. Cut two pieces of wood roughly the size of the fence, and then 4 small pieces to act as spacers. Glue it all up and then cut a square area out of one side for the bit to go through (I used the table saw which was less tedious than it sounds):

  • And finally the whole thing together:


This has been a really useful piece of equipment, and was pretty simple to make. It's very level, completely flush with the table saw, and does what it is supposed to. I found that trying to use it without featherboards is completely suicidal, and even worse will screw up your cuts. Also I made the fence in such a way that almost all debris goes between those 2 small middle pieces, and it will be really easy to hook up a dust collector when I get one.

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