Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Site moving

In the process of moving the site over, might as well have an "Under Construction" gif.

In the process of moving everything back to blogger :(  I don't use my VPS as much as I used to and it's hard to justify the cost ($20/month).  Also the integration with picasa is a big plus for me, as well as all the analytics stuff nicely hooked in.  I figure going ahead and breaking devrand will motivate me to finish moving it :P

As of now I have three big projects I'm working on at the expense of any little easy-to-finish projects:
  • HyperNova -- Yet another asteroids clone, but everything is synced with arbitrary music (i.e. you give it a playlist). The gameplay is actually shaping up to be more like Yume Nikki at this point than anything resembling a space shooter.
  • Ricky -- A robot running on a stripped EEEPC motherboard, using Haskell, Arduino, and Shell scripts. My new motor kit came last night, although it will be a couple days till I can test it out.
  • Conicc -- Social media experiment, on hold for now, since I'm still forming the idea a bit.  
Right now I need to finish porting over my old site (The images and source code are taking forever).  After that's done I'll maybe start regularly posting progress on my big projects which will take forever to finish.

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