Monday, January 21, 2013

Speaker Stands

Some very simple speaker stands made out of pine.


Some very simplistic speaker stands made with a plunge router, random orbit sander, drill, and hand saw. Nothing really special, and no plans to go into too much detail, but thought I'd post them anyway.

Construction Per Stand

  • Only materials were a handfull of 3.5"x10' pine boards and a dowel rod.
  • Cut two 3.5"x7" pieces, and glued them together for the top, that holds the speaker. They were then glued together to form a 7"x7" square.
  • Cut two 3.5"x30" pieces for the center supports. Did a roundover with the router on each edge on both sides for aesthetics.
  • Cut three 3.5"x10.5" pieces, and glued together to form a 10.5"x10.5" square. Then chamfered the edges with the router.
  • Finished individual pieces:

  • Drilled pilot holes, and screwed everything together. Made dowel plugs on the top and bottom and sanded everything smooth:


Well they seem to hold speakers just fine:

I've since painted the stands black and the speakers themselves white, but am too lazy to repost pictures :P

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