Monday, January 21, 2013

Wireless Lock

A simple solenoid based electronic lock with a wireless control


A fairly cheap, really easy to build, remote controlled door lock, similar to a car door. This was a stepping stone for my more complicated electronic doorknob controlled combo lock.

Parts Used

  • Wireless Control -- $15
  • Cheap pull type solenoid -- $2
  • Scrap wood(I used furring boards) -- $2
  • Eye bolt, 2 nuts, and 2 lock washers-- $2
  • Small machine screw and nut -- $1
  • Spare wire(I used speaker wire) -- Hopefully free or about $2
  • A pair of 2 inch wood screws -- Hopfully free, since they are hard to find without getting a $5 box
  • Scrap metal(I used the casing of an old PSU) -- Free
  • 12-24V 1A Power supply -- Hopefully free, salvaged mine from an old printer, else $10
  • Extension cord(Only needed if what you are adding the lock to doesn't have a power plugin inside) -- $2
  • Electrical tape -- $1

Setup Pictures


Usage Videos


Pretty simple to build, just a solenoid inside the door with an eyebolt mounted to the door itself. The piston from the solenoid fits inside the eye of the bolt allowing the door to be locked in place.

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